Friend Links

Here goes my friends pages. They’re intellegent and lovely guys who motivate me when I’m feeling low.

Azeril’s Microdust - Literature.

huangz’s Blog - Redis.

javelinjs’s Blog - MediaV - Online Advertising. Machine Learning.

Jiwei Li’s Homepage - Stanford - Deep Learning in NLP.

King’s Landing - Microsoft - Machine Learning. Data Mining.

Ofey’s Homepage - ICTCLAS - Word Representation. NLP.

pluskid’s Free Mind - MIT - Machine Learning. Deep Learning. Speech & Vision.

Tong He’s Programet - SFU - R. Machine Learning.

Tongfei Chen’s Blog - JHU - NLP.

VikingMew’s Blog - UCD - Linguistics. NLG. Parsing.

Xiaotian (Jason) Dou’s Homepage - Cornell - Text Mining on Social Media.

Xuening Zhu’s Blog - PKU - R. Statistics.

Zhiting Hu’s Homepage - CMU - (Large-scale) Machine Learning.

Ziqiang Cao’s Homepage - PolyU - Summarization and Deep Learning.